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Thursday, March 14, 2002
I Love TV:
I'm not a big sports fan. I don't watch nature programs, game shows, soaps, and I try to stay away from the Rickis, Jerrys, and Jennys of the world. But I love sitcoms and drama series. A lot! I follow more shows than anyone I know and I download shows that haven't premiered here yet. One of my favourite shows is The Practice and the sixth season just started here Tuesday night. I was out watching Arsenal losing to Deportivo, so I had to tape the first episode and I've just finished watching it. And it was amazing!

I love it when they bring in guest stars (my favourite guest star is John Larroquette, who was beyond amazing in the episodes he appeared in), so I immediately got excited, when I saw that Dylan "Happiness" Baker was the star of this episode. The episode was really exciting, there were a bunch of plot twists towards the end, and the story will continue next week, which I'm really looking forward to.

But the real treat was seeing Ron Livingston as A.D.A. Alan Lowe. He's doing a lot of serious work now and although he's doing it well I would love to see him doing more comedic work. I actually watched Townies, when it was on and he was practically the only good thing about Body Shots. And Swingers and Office Space are just two of the funnies movies ever made! But he did really well in the first episode and I'm sure he'll be an interesting asset to the show.

In unrelated news I received an email from an assistant professor today with helpful notes about my Master Thesis. So far I’ve only written a synopsis, but the plan is that I’ll get serious about working on it now. As soon as I’ve created a more thorough synopsis I’ll add more info, but for know we’ll just say I’m working on it and try to forget that I seem to spend most of my time playing NFL, Fifa and watching TV.

But the big thing this week has been getting emails from Billy Name. He wrote me about my website and we’ve exchanged emails this week and it has been incredible. Billy Name was the one who turned Andy Warhol’s The Factory into The Silver Factory. He appeared in several of Warhol’s movies, he photographed everything that was going on at The Factory and his pictures have been used in a ton of different books including a couple of his own. It meant a lot to me that someone like him took the time to write me after having checked out my website. It truly made my week.

- John Fogde 12:54 AM [+]

Monday, March 11, 2002
Begun, this clone war has:
I'm not a big Star Wars fan, but I did enjoy the first three movies growing up and I did have a bunch of those cool figurines. But I've never been really fanatical about the franchise. I didn't see the newest one right away and when I saw it I thought it was okay, but not great. So needless to say I haven't been paying too much attention to the making of the next movie (in part because Attack of the Clones is a pretty lame movie title), but now I've gotten interested. I just saw four trailers from the movie and it looks absolutely amazing! I really like Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman and if you can believe the trailers, Ewan will be pretty funny and Natalie pretty hot in this movie. Hayden Christensen (who plays the young Darth Vader) seems somewhat annoying, but he can't possible be as annoying as the kid, who played his part in Episode One. The first trailer is called Breathing and is really suspenseful and cool. The rest give away more of the story and shows of more characters (who knew Jimmy Smits was in it?), but even though they're quite beautifully done, they aren't nearly as captivating. So maybe I'll get the old VHS copies of Star Wars out of the closet and watch them tonight after 24. It wouldn't be the worst way to spend an evening.

Update: I can't believe how out of it I am! I actually thought it was Tuesday (which is the day 24 is on here) today. Why I would think that is beyond me, because today certainly feels like a Monday and I've done Monday-things at work today. I really need to start sleeping less, so I'm not so groggy all day.

- John Fogde 12:58 PM [+]

Sunday, March 10, 2002
East of Eden:
I went to see Ghost World last night at my local art house cinema Øst For Paradis. I went with a friend from University, who I rarely get to hang out with anymore. We had seen the Arsenal - Newcastle game at a pub called Bridgewater, where I always go to watch football (or soccer depending on your nationality) games and decided to get me some food and then drinks for the both of us somewhere. Usually, we would have gone to a café or something, but on Saturdays a friend of mine works at ØFP, so we decided to go there. It's a really cool place to watch movies and hang out, so I go there frequently (although more so to drink than to actually watch movies). It's the kind of place that'll show the movies, which the big THX theatres won't, so if you dig Kitano, Hal Hartley, European movies, and cool documentaries, you'd love this place. But more importantly it has a great vibe and the people, who work there usually know stuff about the movies they're showing and will tell you honestly, if they think the movies are good or bad.

So the place is great, the people are nice, and the beer is cheap, so that's where we went. After talking a bit about the different movies, which were playing this week, my friend suggested that we see Ghost World. Because this is Denmark you never know when foreign movies are going to premiere here, so indie movies sometimes open here a year later than they did in the US and mostly they don't get shown here at all (it's the same with records and TV shows, but that's a whole different story).
Anyway, we go see Ghost World and it was pretty great. I hadn’t seen the trailer, but people had retold it to me in detail and I had seen a couple of pretty funny scenes with Steve Buscemi, so I had high hopes for a good time. And it was a great movie, although not as funny as I had hoped. But instead of being a movie about two funny and smart Grrrls or whatever, who make fun of jocks and poseurs, it turned out to be a pretty cool commentary on teenage life and the hunt for love and identity. It’s interesting to see a movie, where the protagonist criticises everybody, but is also shown as a very lonely and troubled individual. It reminds me of Ethan Hawke in Reality Bites and Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club, but Thora Birch’s character here is a lot more real. I could really relate to both Buscemi’s and Birch’s characters, which is not at all comforting. I’m not going to give away the ending, but it was a bit surprising and thankfully not sappy and corny.

While I was writing this my Mom called and asked about my life. As usual I had little to pass along, but she also called to remind me that they’re going to a family wedding in Ireland this Thursday. I had totally forgotten they were going over there and I’m not even sure, who’s getting married. I would love to have gone with them and see everybody again, but I guess I wasn’t invited and I can’t afford it anyway. I haven’t been to Ireland since 1999, and I’d love to go back soon, although I’d probably spend most of my time in Dublin as I’ve done the last three times, and only do the family thing in the North for a couple of days.

Yeah, I know I haven’t done the “My name is John and I’m 27 blah, blah blah” bit yet, but eventually I’ll add some biographical stuff to the site, so hang in there (or hang out here).

- John Fogde 4:51 PM [+]

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