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Saturday, March 30, 2002
I want to go out tonight. There's this new club that I've been wanting to check out called Loft and if I can convince people that we should go there instead of Train, then chances are we'll have a pretty cool night. I don't want to go to Train, because people will be my age and older there and where's the fun in that? I prefer going where people are younger, because most people my age are right geezers, who listen to 80s music and are scared of things they don't understand. And since I have a mohawk now I won't exactly fit in.

It's actually not a real mohawk, but more like a Faux-Mo (which is term I've coined and I'm now hoping will catch on). It means that I haven't shaved the sides of my head, but merely combed the hair on the top up into a mohawk. I think the son on The Osbournes has his hair like that (I haven't seen the show yet, but I saw an ad for the show in Rolling Stone) and I think it looks cool. A lot of people here have spiky hair and some have it kinda like a mohawk (like Robbie Williams or Fran Healy had), but I make my hair spiky down the back of my neck, which makes it look more like a mohawk.

I've been listening to BMRC, The Strokes, The Hives, The Get Up Kids, and Ramones a lot lately and maybe that's why I want a mohawk now. Next time I get my hair cut, maybe I'll even get it shaved thinner in the sides so it looks even more punk. Now that I don't have a job I can look like I want to (I could before as well, but where's the fun in having a mohawk, when you're seated in front of a computer in an office all day?), so maybe I'll dye it black as well. That would be cool for this years Roskilde Festival.

- John Fogde 5:48 PM [+]

Wednesday, March 27, 2002
I'm testing out free site trackers, so for the next weeks I'm planning on added a bunch of trackers to the site. I know they look stupid, but I want to find one that doesn't look completely retarded and that has the functionalities I like. So bare with my for a while.

- John Fogde 10:50 PM [+]

Last Day at Work:
Today was my last day at work. I've had a job in a streaming media company for two and a half years and today they had to let me go, because the contract I worked on has been terminated. It was a weird feeling sayig goodbye, because chances are I'll be coming back and doing some other work for them later this year. The company I worked for is owned by people, who were friends of mine before I started working for them, so they felt really bad about letting me go and even gave me a goodbye present.

Now I literally have no plans for the next months except starting work on my Master Thesis. I think I'll chill for a couple of days and then start reading and getting the second edition of my synopsis ready. I've known this day would come since December, but even so I feel a bit sad. Actually, a lot sadder than I thought I would.

- John Fogde 4:33 PM [+]

Tuesday, March 26, 2002
Oscar Night:
I just came back from Copenhagen, where two of my friends were hosting an Oscar night in there apartment. I had been out Saturday night, but had wisely chosen to keep the drinking to a minimum, so I was in fine shape, when we left Sunday morning. Once a month (always on Saturdays) I go to a place called Club Drive. It's supposed to be an indie club, but it's not quite as indie as it used to be. But it's the only place in town, which tries to gather a crowd of people, who are sick to death of the usual tripe they play at clubs. When it first started out there used to be punks, goths, and other freaks, who would dress up a bit before going out. But now it's mainly students, who enjoy dancing to Breeders and Blur. I've been coming there since their first night, and I try to go every month even though I'm probably a few years older than most people there.

So Sunday we drive to Copenhagen and spend the better part of the afternoon just hanging out. I got to check out the Tony Hawk game, which is absolutely insane and I also saw a bit of Jak & Daxter, which looked nice, but isn't my kind of game. And then I kicked everybody's ass in Fifa 2002, which (besides Madden NFL 2001) is the only game I play on a regular basis. Later we went to see Black Hawk Down at Imperial, which was alright, but not great. Technically speaking it's quite amazing and Josh Hartnett was a lot better than I had feared, but I thought the cast was too big, which meant it was difficult remembering who played who. It felt very realistic and there certainly were some pretty gruesome scenes, but it was a bit too patriotic and didn't have enough of a plot to really pull me in. However, it was nice to hear them play Faith No More, Alice in Chains, and Stone Temple Pilots, when they were back at the base. And fellow Dane Nikolaj Coster-Waldau had a nice little part in it as well.

Outside the cinema there were a bunch of tents, which belong to a bunch of nuts, who are in line to get tickets for the new Star Wars movie. The tickets go on sale April 2nd, and they been out there since the 21st March. It's a bit of trend here now to camp out for movies like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, but I think two weeks in advance has to be some sort of record. I can’t think of a single thing, which I would camp out to get tickets so see, but it’s fun to see this people with their laptops, board games, and sleeping bags. They’ve created quite a community there and they’re updating their website from the queue. Apparently, they’re the first in Europe to get in line, so people from all over are checking out their website, which could explain, why it doesn’t load the pictures properly right now.

Oscar night was quite entertaining. We saw The Zero Effect before the show started and then saw a bit of the red carpet nonsense. I thought the show was one of the best ever. Whoopi wasn't great, but the stuff about Robert Redford 's movies was pretty funny and she had a couple of good jokes along the way. The high point was Woody Allen presenting the film about New York and the film Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson had made was really funny. Ryan and Reese presenting the make-up award was pretty great as well. I thought Halle Berry's nervous break down went on way to long, but apparently that's good TV, so she got time to thank her lawyers (twice) and Oprah.

So I went to work today, which was sort of uneventful and now I'm listening to the CDs I got from CDnow today. I got a compilation from Vagrant, the new White Stripes album and Here Comes The Zoo by Local H, which is what I'm listening to right now. I’m love their last two albums, but this one hasn’t really hit me the same way the other ones did… yet. But they still rock and they’re still pissed off, so that goes a long way. I saw The White Stripes on Letterman and they’re absolutely insane, so I’m looking forward to hearing the album.

- John Fogde 6:37 PM [+]

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