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Friday, April 05, 2002
Gotta Love The Oz:
I just saw the first episode of The Osbournes and I laughed my ass off! And because this is lovely, liberal Europe they showed the uncensored version with all the curse words (they did, however, blank out Ozzy flipping the bird at the camera), which made it a lot more fun than the censored clip I'd seen on the net. Ozzy is absolutely out of his tree and his kids are a pain in the ass. And in the midst of all this chaos is Sharon, who has to be the most patient and forgiving person in the world to deal with all their crap and not kill them or just go plain mad. And it's funny that even though everybody thinks Ozzy is the shit his daughter gets completely embarrassed by everything he says. That's pretty reassuring for the rest of us. The show was just one long string of highlights, but I loved the bits at the beginning, where Sharon is unpacking some lamp that got a bit broken off during the move. And later when she makes a couple of choice comments about their pool. I can't wait until next week to see what they'll think off next.

And then my favourite episode of Jackass came on (where Johnny tests a protective cup and has 10-year-olds kick him in the nuts), so I saw that and then I popped Ozzmosis in the CD player and chilled to the soothing sounds of Ozzy.

Oh, I actually turned down an offer to go out and drink with a couple of friends tonight, so hopefully this is the first step towards a more sober future.

- John Fogde 11:42 PM [+]

Adding Stuff:
I've added a Comments section where visitors are invited to leave me a message. I saw it over at Ev's and it seemed like a fun thing to add. I had been thinking about adding some kind of comments feature to each posting (and I might eventually), but for now I'll use the Tag-Board.

I've also settled on using the Sitemeter tracker. It's not perfect, but it's a lot better than the other two I tried out. Their banner is really small, the information you get at their site is better and the code you need to add is a lot simpler than the others I tried, so it works out great.

- John Fogde 4:56 PM [+]

Lessons Learned:
I went out to dinner with my parents tonight to celebrate my mother's birthday. I'm not going to go into too many details, but I will mention that no matter what I do with them in public I feel like one of those teenager you see in movies, whose parents call them Pumpkin or Sweetie in front of all their friends at the mall or in school. They can't do or say anything that doesn't can my cringe and wish I was a million miles away. Everyone else thinks they're really great and funny, so I guess it's me who's an idiot.

But before going out I had to get a present and let me just say that shopping for women isn't easy. And clothes shopping for women is damn near impossible. I went through several shops just completely baffled at all the strange items, which were available. I don't have a large knowledge of what colours are in and out, but it would seem that beige and various sand-like colours are all the rage. And oddly enough if you find clothes that are say white or red or something they look like pirate clothes. I kid you not! T-shirts with red and white stripes and puffy shirts apparently are the next big thing. I haven't seen a lot of pirates around here lately, but if you're to believe the selection at H&M it's just a matter of time till this place will be crawling with Adam Ant look-alikes (which will actually be pretty cool for me, because I've always wanted to paint stripes on my cheeks and wear huge shirts). I ended up buying her a peach coloured shirt, which I think she liked, because she asked me three times if I'd picked it out myself or if someone had helped me.

So today we've learned that I embarrass easy and I'm a great shopper. Another thing I've learned this week is that it's not easy to quit drinking. I don't mean that it's difficult to not drink, when you get the urge to drink. Because I rarely get the urge to drink during a normal week, so that's a breeze. It's difficult to function in society and not drink. This week I'd decided to take drinking to a minimum, because I was hammered Saturday. But Sunday I went to an Easter Lunch at my parents' house, Monday we went to a football game, Tuesday a friend came by to use my computer and brought along a couple of beers, Wednesday we saw a football game here, and tonight we went out to dinner. So I've basically been drinking every day this week. And unless I lock the doors and don't answer the phone until Monday chances are I'll have a drink or two this weekend. I never really thought about this before, but you get some really weird stares, when you're out with your friends and you mention that you'd rather have a Coke. It's not socially acceptable to not drink unless you have some medical condition or you're the designated driver. So I'll either have to make up some rare disease, so people won't pester me about not drinking or just accept that I like drinking and accept the hangovers like I have for the last 15 years.

- John Fogde 1:12 AM [+]

Tuesday, April 02, 2002
I was looking for a job, and then I found a job...
I kinda got a job today. "How does that work?" I hear you ask. Well, I answered an email in regards to some freelance jobs opening up and then I had an interview. I thought the interview went really well and I was told I'd hear from them really soon. Then four weeks go by and nothing. So I send them an email asking if I'll ever hear from them and they answer right away. They were very impressed by my experience and thought the interview went well and they would love to hire me. The thing is they don't have any work for me right now. So when they get a project I could work on they'd hire me. So I'm excited that they liked me and that they want to hire me. But I'm bummed that they can't use me right away. And now I don't know if they'll ever hire me, because I'm supposed to represent a new marked that may or may not open up. It's weird, but at least I have the right to be hopeful now that I've actually heard from them.

- John Fogde 11:20 PM [+]

I'll Never Learn:
So what do think happened on my quiet night out, where I wasn't supposed to get drunk and end up at Train? Well, other than I did get absolutely faced and did end up at Train, then frankly I'm not completely sure. However, I do know I woke up late because of Daylight Savings Time, which meant I was half an hour late for the Easter Lunch thing at my parents'. And I was too hungover to eat anything, so my parents looked at me like I was being a complete brat. So the rest of the day I just moped around and watched TV, which was okay, but I felt really bad and when I got home I was too exhausted to go to bed. So I lay on the couch watching bad TV until 4 in the morning.

I was woken by the phone ringing at 12:30 the next day. A friend of mine invited me to the AGF - Vejle game, which I jumped at right away. The weather was really nice and I was dying to get out of the house and do something. I haven't been to an AGF game in ages, because they suck like you wouldn't believe. And yesterday's game was no exception. The played a 0-0 game, even though Vejle played with only 10 players for the last 40 minutes and this was a game they had to win. So people were wicked mad, when we left the stadion.

I spent the rest of the day in front of the TV, because my energy level is just below zero. All I do is eat, sleep, and watch TV these days. And now that I don't even have a job I'm going to turn into on of those weird shut-ins with the long beards and funky B.O.. I really need to get my act together and start doing stuff or else I'm going to get even more depressed and weird than I already am. Thankfully, some people are coming over tomorrow night, so I'll have to get around to cleaning out this dump, so they'll have somewhere to sit down.

- John Fogde 2:58 PM [+]

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