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Saturday, May 11, 2002
Rockin’ is my Business:
I went to the pub to see the Arsenal – ManU game Wednesday night and it was pretty awesome. Not only was the pub packed with supporters from both teams, but there was a really good atmosphere and there were no problems even after Wiltord scored the winning goal in the second half. Obviously, Arsenal winning the championship called for celebrations, so we had quite a few drinks that night.

Apparently, during the drinking I promised to play basketball with a couple of friends the next day, which is something I should know by now is a bad idea. But I actually got my shit together enough for me to meet up with them and it was okay. It’s been a couple of years since I played last, but everyone seemed to be as out of shape as me, so we played in a tempo fitting for senior citizens. I barely ran during those two hours, but I got a couple of good shots in there, so if we keep playing once a week I think I’ll be able to hold my own against these guys.

I was at the Spot 08 all day yesterday and it was great. I saw Marcus Winther-John, Under Byen, Ida Kristin, The Crash, Teitur, Briskeby, and Saybia. I’m a bit pressed for time, so I’ll go into more details about yesterday’s and today’s acts later. I also got to hang out with a lot of my friends and people I know in bands and the music business, who I rarely get to talk to. I met the guys from the band Fillip, who come from the same area as me and we were talking, while in line together waiting to get backstage passes. I got an armband and an ID card and I asked if they’d gotten ID cards as well.

John: Did you guys get one of these? [pointing to the ID card]
Guys: No. What does it say on it?
John: It has my name and where I’m from?
Guys: Where you’re from?
John: Yeah, it says John Fogde – Søften.
Guys: Ha ha ha

Obviously, it said John Fogde –, which is the zine I’m writing for, but they thought it was funny, because Søften is the shitty little town I’m from.

I have to get moving, but there’ll be more on the festivities later.

- John Fogde 1:10 PM [+]

Wednesday, May 08, 2002
Everybody Hurts Sometimes:
Are you familiar with the term “Writing through the pain”? I think it’s mainly used about people, who’ve lost a family member or loved one or just in a general way experienced something terrible, and the only way they can get over it is by writing a letter to their father’s killer or a short story about being assaulted. But in this case, though, I’m talking about a lot more specific pain. As I’m writing this my neck and back are as stiff as planks of wood and every time I look down to locate a letter on the keyboard a sharp pain goes through my back and shoulder blades. My neck is killing me and I’m feeling very stiff and uncomfortable. So I'm writing and I'm in pain hence the aforementioned phrase.

I used to play basketball every Saturday morning a couple of years ago and once in awhile I’d be so beat afterwards I’d rush home so I could sit on the couch and watch TV the rest of the day. As some of you might know it’s very wise to stretch after doing any kind of athletic activity, because if you don’t you’re muscles harden up, which can be very painful. So while some of those Saturdays were spent in front of the TV the following Sundays were often spent limping about cursing myself and everyone around me.

And right now my back feels like I swam the English Channel Thursday and then went straight to bed, which in turn led to me waking up Friday morning unable to move the upper right side of my body. I noticed something was wrong, when I wanted to reach over with my right arm to turn off my alarm clock Friday morning, but was unable to. The rest of the day (actually right up until right now) has been spent in pain trying to stretch and warm up the muscles, so I would feel a bit better, but with no real luck. My guess is the reason I’m in pain is that these days I spend 12-14 hours in front of my computer on a shitty chair hunched over the keyboard like an invertebrate. So what happens when the right side of your body is almost paralyzed? You start using the left side of your body more, which led to me waking up Tuesday morning with an excruciating pain in the left side of my body. So now my right side is feeling better, but my left side is worse than the right side ever was. And since I don’t have a Jacuzzi installed there really isn’t anything to do but suck it up and deal (oh, and whine which is what I’m doing now).

But enough about my scrawny body already. Tonight we’re going to see the Arsenal – ManU game, which will hopefully result in Arsenal winning this year’s championship. And it looks like there’ll be quite a few of us attending. My brother and I are going with the usual group, but a guy I know and another group of friends will be joining us at the pub, so it should be a fun night out even if the Red Devils win tonight.

But until then I’ll head back to my desk and try to get through a bunch of articles I've printed out. I’ve tried reading them on the computer, but I end up clicking on the links or answering emails instead, so in order to keep distractions to a minimum I’ve gone back to the old paper vs. yellow marker style of reading. So much for the paperless office and computers making your life more efficient.

- John Fogde 4:11 PM [+]

The Glamour Boys are Always on the Guest List:
I’ve been trying to write a little today, but my energy level is at zero and I get distracted by the smallest thing. This means that I’ve actually spent more time playing Bejeweled than writing today. I found a link to the game on Kottke’s blog, and I also saw an even more interesting link there. Apparently, I’m not the only one, who is sick of seeing perfectly good websites disappear, so someone has built something called the Wayback Machine. Just yesterday I was talking with a friend about how much we miss the old Mr Showbiz site (the old address redirects to this site now), but now at least you can go back and catch a glimpse of what it used to be like (unfortunately, a lot of the graphics are missing, so it’s not exactly like it used to be). So I have to say, “Kudos big guy!” to whoever has created this site.

I received an email today saying that I was on the guest list for Spot 08 and that one doesn’t need reservations for the lectures. So unless something goes terribly wrong I’ll be seeing about 20 up-and-coming bands and solo performers and David Fricke this weekend. It should be awesome.

Oh, is it a sign that you’ve been playing too much NHL 2002 if you’re bleeding under your right thumbnail?

- John Fogde 12:50 AM [+]

Monday, May 06, 2002
Darling, We're The Young Ones:
As the day went on it turned out that hooligans from Copenhagen, England, and Germany had turned up for today’s game, but thankfully the police were well prepared and seemed to have the situation under control. 12 people were arrested, but I haven’t heard of any serious fighting going on, so I think everything pretty much went according to plan.

I’ve finished the first half of Me Talk Pretty One Day and it’s really funny. I didn’t realize the entire book consists of stories from his real life, but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining. One of stories is a bit pointless (it’s about poop, but maybe it’ll be explained later) and a couple are slightly smug (he makes fun of hayseeds coming to New York and posh New York cuisine), but generally they’re highly amusing and several times they're just laugh out loud funny.

The Young Ones is on right now, which reminds me of a discussion we had on a mailing list recently. Someone mentioned a quote that she only remembered a part off and while searching for the quote I found a page with the entire script for the Bambi episode. That’s my absolute favourite episode, so I’ve taken the liberty of picking out my favourite quote for you:

[SCENE: Lobby of a television studio. A Security Guard stands at the desk. The guys walk in.]
Mike: See, told you so! [They start walking past the guard]
Evening Officer. University Challenge, Scumbag College.
Guard: Hang on... [He checks his clipboard] You were supposed to be here two weeks ago.
Neil: Well, we had to walk the last 200 miles.
Mike: Didn't you get our message? Neil, why didn't you phone our message?
Guard: [checking his clipboard] We did get a message, yes... "Beep beep beep, oh no heavy, the coins keep coming out, beep beep beep, even the telephone hates me, beep beep beep, I wish there were no machines, and everyone led a pastoral existence, trees and flowers don't deliberately cool you out and go beep in your ear."
Neil: Yeah, that's the message, didn't you get it?

I personally think The Young Ones and Blackadder are the best British shows ever. I've seen ever single episode of both shows several times and with the exception of the first season of Blackadder every episode is pure genius.

And speaking of comedy I’ve been watching Greg the Bunny today, and it’s just a hilarious show. So far my favourite is the third episode, where Seth Green dates a girl, who has a dog. This leads to a series of very funny comments, but my favourite was when Warren the Ape said he didn’t understand why people had dogs. “If I wanted someone to lick my face and poop on my lawn I’d get back together with Farrah Fawcett”. If you haven’t seen it already you should definitely check it out.

- John Fogde 12:38 AM [+]

Sunday, May 05, 2002
Now Did You Read The News Today:
Remember I told you about two groups of people chasing down the street yesterday? Well, turns out that eight people got arrested after shots were fired and two people had gotten stabbed. Six of the eight people arrested were hooligans (two of the British) and the last two were of Middle Eastern descent, so the police are assuming the fights had to do with racism. So apparently the guys in the pub, who were watching the game and throwing beer and a glass at us, then went out to kick some ass. And in the time it took me to get chinese food they managed to get in a fight and get chased by my apartment. I have all this info from an article in our local Danish newspaper. So it would seem that my wish for them to get looked up did come true.

- John Fogde 2:14 PM [+]

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