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Wednesday, May 29, 2002
I Just Dropped in to See What Condition My Condition Was In:
There’s a Seinfeld episode where George dates a woman, who’s in prison, and he considers this the perfect relationship. Not only does he always know where she is, but the biggest advantage is that she’ll never be able to drop by on a whim. Apparently, the drop-in is something to be feared, but not by me. I love the drop-in! That’s the coolest thing about living downtown. Like today a friend of mine stopped by just to hang and we decide to go out for ice cream. I guess he’s a big ice cream guy, because this is the third time I’ve gone for ice cream with him and I never eat ice cream, when I’m by myself. Unless I have a hangover and then I only eat sundaes from McDonald’s. Unfortunately, the Italian place down the street was closed, so we went to this place, which apparently was highly recommended. But we’re never going back there again, because the strawberry flavour was so blah it wasn’t even funny. It turns out that their schtick is that they’ve got some low-fat scam going, which will sucks the flavour out of anything. We didn’t notice the sign with the fancy no fat, no flavour slogan (or whatever it said), so it wasn’t until we left the place with huge cones we realized they were crap.

There’s a horrible Ben Affleck movie on TV right now. It really sucks and Ben has the worst hair (no, it’s not 200 Cigarettes), Matt Damon is in it (it isn’t Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back), the music is horrendous (nope, not Armageddon), and the story is beyond lame (and it ain’t Forces of Nature). Nope, this is a waste of celluloid called Glory Daze about a group of guys graduating college. The movie is packed with people, who either were famous from or later became famous on TV (and there’s a couple of movie stars in there as well), but the number of recognizable faces doesn’t prevent it from sucking like a Hoover. The worst part is when Affleck (who is, get this, a misunderstood artist) does his pensive voiceover where he quotes Salinger and Camus, which sounds about as believable as hearing Jerry Falwell talk about a woman’s right to choose.

So I finally changed to the channel, so I could watch The West Wing, which means I won’t see the ending, but if you’ve seen Glory Daze and it has some brilliant and surprising ending please let me know.

- John Fogde 11:42 PM [+]

Tuesday, May 28, 2002
You're the First, You're the Last, My Everything:
I was checking out some stuff on Google and I stumbled on this website. It's a weblog dedicated to other bloggers' first posting on their weblogs. Isn't that the weirdest idea? You can find mine here.

- John Fogde 2:03 PM [+]

Monday, May 27, 2002
Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt:
Man, I feel like I was rode hard and put away wet. I worked seven hours today, which isn’t that bad, but I was on my toes all day and I walked home, which perhaps wasn’t the best idea. It was my first day, so I did my best to make a good impression and did whatever I was told right away instead of chillin’ and stretching the work out over the entire day. Some of it was easy (like sorting mail and calling the postage machine repairman), but I did my fair share of schlepping tables, chairs, crates of soda, and running back and forth between offices. The thing that makes this job hard is that the different offices and meeting rooms are spread out over three buildings and five floors. So you’re running around all over the place, and because there is a lot of hi-tech stuff in the buildings you have to use a key card everywhere. Normally, I wouldn’t care about that, but when you have to serve lunch for a meeting and you have to carry coffee, food, sodas, utensils, and what not from a second floor cafeteria in one building to a second floor meeting room in another building having to get your key card out all the time is a pain in the ass. So genius that I am I stick a couple of crates in to block one of the doors, while running to get the rest of the stuff. Within 30 seconds my little stunt sets of the alarm and has people running to the door from different offices. So that didn’t work, which meant I was back to square one.

But other than that it’s a pretty great job. People are nice and for a large part of the day you just walk around by yourself making sure everything is five by five. And if something comes up they page you and have to come round the office for some emergency Xeroxing or something like that. They're planning the summer work schedule this week and I told them that I’m doing Jack this summer, so I’d be willing to work whenever, which might actually lead to some extra work. Because who else would volunteer to work during exams, the World Cup, festival season, and all those days of nice weather, where normal people go to the beach?

I’m pretty tired, but since there’s nothing on telly I think I’ll crank some tunes and get started on the packing. The plan is to pack all my stuff this week. A friend of mine comes over Friday, so I’ll take him out for a drink Friday night and then Saturday morning I’m inviting people over for breakfast to watch the Denmark – Uruguay game and whoever shows up get to help me move. I’m pretty good at packing, so it shouldn’t take that long and if we win the game people probably won’t mind spending a day dragging my gear across town.

- John Fogde 10:00 PM [+]

Sunday, May 26, 2002
She's Wearing My Lipstick:
I just came back from the Superheroes concert, so my ears are ringing a bit. This is the fifth time I've seen them and although this wasn't their best show it was still pretty good. My shirt is completely soaked, which indicates a good show, and I was happy to hear them play covers of Kiss Kiss Kiss by Yoko Ono and the crowd pleaser Girl U Want by Devo. In case you haven't heard of Superheroes I should probably mention that they play music inspired by Devo, Human League, Depeche Mode and so on. They are a very energetic live act and the singer usually ends up without his shirt on, drenched in water with long strands of hair covering his face making him look like a young Iggy Pop.

For some reason they didn't play anything of the first record, but they did sneak in a couple of favourites from the second album and the new stuff mostly worked very well. Especially the song Cool Girl, which they were already playing at shows last year, is a winner, and songs like Someone Else and Turn Me On are pretty great as well. If you haven't heard them yet they're definitely worth checking out.

While I was at the concert the rest of the country watched the Danish entry to the Eurovision Song Contest get stomped like a narc at a biker rally. She finished dead last, which means Denmark won't be allowed to enter next year. I have absolutely no interest in this one way of the other, so I'm not even going to make snide remarks or anything.

And now it's time to turn of the Big Thing CD and head to bed. Denmark are played Tunesia tomorrow in the final warm up match before the World Cup and the game begins at 900 hours. So I really should get a couple of hours worth of sleep before I have to get up, make coffee, and drag my duvet over to the couch, so I can watch the game all tucked in.

- John Fogde 1:34 AM [+]

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