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Thursday, July 18, 2002
Good Times Never Seemed So Good:
I helped a friend move into his new place today. A place that I actually had also helped him find. Peter had put an ad on his weblog and I passed it on to my friend, who was looking for a place to live. He interviewed for a room in the house and got it almost right away and he is very excited about living there. I have now met two of his future housemates and I think he'll fit in famously.

So today we moved his stuff and it was the quickest move in history. There were four of us in a car with a trailer and we moved all his stuff in less than two hours. Granted, he doesn't have a lot of stuff and practically no furniture, but two hours is still pretty quick. After moving we had pizza from the place across the street from my friend's new place and we spent quite a bit of time making fun of its name. They have a sign on the building advertising that they serve deep pan pizzas and real Italian pizzas. And also on the sign is the name of the place, which is Señor Pizza. Señor Pizza!?! Wouldn't it be Signore Pizza if these pizzas are so damn Italian? And aren't both names pretty horrendous anyway? There were other weird things about their decor and they screwed up our order, so we didn't get what you would call a great first impression of the place.

Then we got in the car and cruised around and then went to the beach. Normally, four guys driving to the beach and checking out girls would be a pretty cool scenario, but when your bumping to Elvis you kinda lose cool points. The only music in the car was some live album from the late 70s and although I enjoyed hearing Elvis singing Sweet Caroline and Suspicious Minds (which is my favourite Elvis song) I could have done without the rest of it. There is something about listening to Hound Dog and Love Me Tender, which makes me feel older than I am.

I actually went out and bought the Gangway record I talked about earlier and it's pretty great. On the off-chance that you've never heard a Gangway song I'd say they're similar to Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, and The Divine Comedy, which I think is a pretty smashing combo. So that and the new Doves album are getting a lot of rotations on the stereo.

- John Fogde 12:48 AM [+]

Wednesday, July 17, 2002
Everything Seems To Go My Way:
I've been at work both yesterday and today and it has been surprisingly less boring than usual. I've been cataloguing papers handed in by students and while that is about as much fun as a German sitcom my workday was made a lot more interesting by the music choices made by of one of the secretaries. It started out pretty bad with Craig David followed by All Saints (who I actually secretly like), but then she started playing Danish bands Carpark North and Gangway. I haven’t heard Gangway in ages, so I had totally forgotten how amazing they are. Or should I say were, because they broke up a couple of years ago. Personally, I think they’re the closest we’ll ever come to a Danish version of Pet Shop Boys, but with funnier lyrics, and if I had any money I’d pick up their greatest hits album tomorrow.

That just goes to show how a boring job becomes a lot less boring, when you can hum along to lines like:

And if you should ever leave me
I know I would feel
as sad and lonely as Mr Carter
when he arranged that mission in Iran
and everything went wrong
everything that could go wrong went wrong

My buddy, Søren, took a lot of pictures at Midtfyns and I found a couple that I thought I should link to. Remember that picture that was supposed to be of me looking cool? Well, Søren actually took an even better picture of me being photographed trying to look cool. The other two pictures are from the Coldplay concert and I just thought they looked cool:
Coldplay1 and Coldplay2

- John Fogde 12:22 AM [+]

Sunday, July 14, 2002
Let's Play Twister, Let's Play Risk:
I have a good friend, who's a good cook. And not only is he a good cook, but he seems to also really enjoy cooking, so he tends to make dinner whenever I visit him. Saturday night we got together four guys and had dinner and it was great. Tuna steaks and some weird potato dish with a sugary-vinegar dressing with onions was served with white wine and it was really nice. All night we heard great music (Tom Petty, REM, Jeff Buckley, Beastie Boys, and more) and after dinner we played two games of Risk. I haven't played Risk in years, but surprisingly I wasn't wiped out or anything like that. I wasn't home until after 4, because I hung around after the other two guys left and talked for a bit. It was a fun night and nice to just sit around and talk for a change instead of running from café to café getting blasted.

Today I watched Singles again. And that was it. But then what more could you possibly want from a day really?

- John Fogde 11:13 PM [+]

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