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Saturday, September 14, 2002
Jimmy Quit and Jody Got Married:
When I was 14-15 years old I played in a band with four guys I went to school with. We played mainly cover songs and played at a lot of youth festivals for a couple of years until our drummer quit to… okay, so I don’t exactly remember, but he definitely left and even though we kept on playing with our guitar player’s younger brother for a while it wasn’t really the same. We put a lot of time into it and even got to the stage where we wanted to write our own stuff and record demos. Thankfully, we only recorded one song and nobody knows where that tape is now, so I very much doubt that anyone will ever hear it again.

The point of the story is that I got a phone call two days ago from a guy I used to hang out with back then and he told me that one of the guys from my old band is getting married. Actually, he’s marrying his high school sweetheart and he proposed to her just a few months shy of their ten year anniversary. Now even though this guy was one of my best friends for many years I haven’t seen him or spoken to him in years. He moved away to go to school at some point, but we had drifted apart long before that for no real reason other than sometimes friends just stop hanging out. So I’m not in any way surprised that I’m not invited to the wedding, but I was very surprised when I got the call informing me about the wedding and also received an invitation to the bachelor party (it’s a surprise party by the way, so don’t tell anyone). I have really mixed feelings about attending mainly because the rest of the people there will be people I knew and/or were friends with ages ago and most of them I haven't seen in almost ten years. But at the same time the groom-to-be is a really old friend of mine, so not going would also be pretty strange. I’m not sure what will happen at the bachelor party, but I know for damn sure this won’t be one of the events like Jason Bonham’s wedding, where we get the old band back together, so at least that’s a comfort.

- John Fogde 12:04 AM [+]

Friday, September 13, 2002
The Games People Play:
I have a friend who owns a lot of board games, so tonight he tried to teach me to play El Grande. I got the basic rules, but with strategy games like this you need to play a few times to figure out how to best use the cards you're dealt and to know when to attack and when to chill. In many ways Kenny Rogers was right when he said that you have to know when to hold 'em, but also when to fold 'em. In that song lies in many ways a universal lesson, which can be helpful in a variety of situations. So after the first game I choose to fold 'em and we went down to the closest thing I have to a neighbourhood café to play backgammon instead. But luck had decided to not be a lady tonight, so I went through a series of humiliating defeats and finally just decided to call it quits and go home.

I had actually planned on writing about a surprising phone call I received last night, but it's getting late, so I'll save that one for tomorrow. But until then you can check out this weird story about the arrest of Nick Nolte. In this picture he looks like he could be the next Unabomber. But since he was obviously framed I'm sure the Malibu police will give him 48 Hours to team up with Eddie Murphy to sort out this all out.

- John Fogde 1:51 AM [+]

Wednesday, September 11, 2002
War, What Is It Good For?
Since today is a special day I’ll share three pictures that I took a year ago today in NYC:

I’m finding it increasingly hard to say anything about the attacks and especially the way the media has depicted the consequences (both the personal and political ones) without sounding like an arrogant, thoughtless, and coldhearted shithead. So, not unlike that rabbit from Bambi, in this case I’ll choose to shut up, when I have nothing nice to say. However, I do think that it would be nice if we from tomorrow could get on with our lives and try to think and talk about something else.

Last night I went down the pub and saw Arsenal beat Manchester City 2-1. Two things struck me about the game: Firstly, I’d say that if that last goal by Thierry Henry hadn’t been called for offside (which it wasn’t) it would have been the best goal scored this year and secondly, I think Peter Schmeichel is too fat and slow to play for a Premier League squad. It was almost embarrassing as he waddled up to the Arsenal goal for the last corner kick and hadn’t the ball gone out scoring another goal on him would have been like taking candy from a child.

I’m listening to the new Flaming Lips album today and there are some stunning songs on it. I think Wayne Coyne has an absolutely beautiful voice, which has a bit of fragility to it, which fits their dreamy music perfectly. I’ve only seen them live once, but because it was the day after nine people died at the Pearl Jam show at Roskilde 2000 it was a pretty special show (I did see their car extravaganza at Roskilde the year before, but that doesn’t count). Their show was probably a bit more subdued than normal, but it was an amazingly beautiful experience that I'm glad I saw although a lot of people questioned watching concerts the day after nine people had died at one.

- John Fogde 5:33 PM [+]

Monday, September 09, 2002
I Awake To Find No Peace Of Mind:
I feel terrible today. I woke up around 6am and knew that I felt sick, but at the same time I was still in a dream-like state, which was very strange. When I woke up properly after a while my stomach was cramping up and I just felt horrible. So the next couple of hours was either spent talking into the big, white phone or sipping water from a glass, so I wouldn't completely dehydrate. It felt like it was food poisoning, but I've had that once and that was a lot worse, so I guess I just overdid it with the snacks last night. But when I finally felt like I was empty inside I went back to bed and almost passed out and slept for about four hours.

I've been up for two hours now and although I have eaten and had a cup of coffee my throat is killing me and I'm tired and unable to concentrate. I tried writing a couple of emails and reading an article, but I just end up staring with blank eyes at the screen. I'm feeling restless, bored, tired, annoyed, and not well at all. So in order to get a little energy back I might go outside for a bit and wander around. I could definitely eat some ice cream right now, so I might go get a sundae or something.

As planned I watched both football games last night (and during breaks I saw Pete Sampras win the US Open), so for me that was a pretty cool night. I was very surprised by how lackluster the Rams' offense looked, but hopefully they'll get back on track in a hurry (Kurt Warner is the starting QB for my Fantasy team), and although the Ravens lost their first game (and according to Mike Preston they'll lose the next four as well) it was nice to hear that Jamal Lewis had run well and that new QB Chris Redman had played well and even made a touch down. And it was nice to see that all the hype surrounding Falcons' QB Michael Vick had a lot of truth to it. The guy played a hell of a game last night against the Packers.

The last couple of days I've been listening to the new Coldplay record and it's really good. I've seen them live twice and I think their first album is very good, but I wasn't too excited about hearing their new album. I didn't like the single at first and there's just something strangely unexciting about them. I mean they're just a bunch of quiet lads, who make nice songs and do polite interviews. But I think Chris Martin is really growing into the frontman role (he did a nice Bono impersonatian at Midtfyns) and the new record is more versatile than the last one. So after listening to it over and over the last couple of days I've been getting pretty excited about the record and especially about seeing them in November.

- John Fogde 3:54 PM [+]

Sunday, September 08, 2002
Happiness Is A Warm Gun:
The highlight of an uneventful weekend will be the first Sunday of NFL football on Danish television. And to mark the beginning to the season Zulu will be showing first the Packers/Falcons game and then the Broncos/Rams game, which both look like they could be action packed and high on scoring. It would have been nice to see the first Ravens game to get an idea as to how bad of a state the team is in, but obviously the Ravens/Panthers game isn't of interest to a lot of people over here. But I'm totally psyched about the season starting all the same, so I have got my Fantasy team ready and in about an hour I'll make a snack run to get Pringles, Coke, pizza, and whatever else I can carry out of the local cornershop, so I'm ready for six hours plus of football mayhem.

I haven't really done much this weekend except being hungover and depressed that the Danish soccer team only got 2-2 against Norway. But I did get to watch The Muse, which I hadn't seen before and Happiness, which I had seen before. The Muse was a fun, relaxing comedy about a screen writer, who loses his edge and by way of a friend gets in touch with a real honest-to-God muse (played by Sharon Stone). It had several fun cameos and did a lot of inside jokes on Hollywood, so it was fairly entertaining.

Happiness, however, is still the most disturbing movie in the world. It's a very funny movie, but at times it's almost nauseating, so you sometimes feel like turning it off, but you still keep on watching. It's brilliantly cast and it takes the portrait of American suburbia a lot further than American Beauty. If you haven't seen it and you're not squeemish it's definitely worth checking out.

- John Fogde 5:12 PM [+]

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