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Thursday, September 19, 2002
It's Just Porn, Mum:
Are weblogs sexist seems to be what is on the minds of people right now. Tom Coates over at Plasticbag and Kenny over at Parallax View have mentioned it this week and as far as I can tell it started here, then went here and here and here, and then got picked up at Blogroots. Like most people I hadn't given this any thought (I link to 25 blogs, 6 written by women), so the only comment I can bring to the table is that maybe there are more men blogging and therefore more people link to them. One of the points made is that the women discussing this want acceptance (ie links) from prominent bloggers, but if they get noticed it's only when they write about sex or something like that. I can see how that would suck, but I think since most bloggers (male or female) don't get linked to by the most popular blogs at all, it will be hard for them to gain much sympathy. I mean I feel left out because I don't live in San Francisco, where all the cool bloggers live, who know each other and go to fray day together. But like Bruce Hornsby once said: "That's just the way it is".

But speaking of female bloggers I will mention that I visited Jennifer's Fireballs & Tsunami today and left trying to figure out, what was so funny about the slogan Ithaca is Gorges. While searching for hints (turns out there are a lot of gorges in Ithaca) I found a website with bumper stickers from the Ithaca area. This one is my favourite:

Is the Trucks song It's Just Porn, Mum a hit in your country yet? It's pretty stupid, but the video made me laugh.

Update: Apparently, there are some template problems over at Blogger today, so until that is fixed you can see my favourite bumpersticker here. Oh, does anyone know what's going on with Roger Avary's blog? I get asked for login and password, when I try to access it.

- John Fogde 3:06 PM [+]

Wednesday, September 18, 2002
I’m a Survivor:
This might only interest Danish readers (and maybe not even them), but here goes anyway.

The fifth season of Survivor (or The Robinson Expedition as it’s called here) is currently airing every Monday night on Danish TV3. However, this year it’s called Robinson: The Final Encounter, because the contestants are all people, who’ve been on the show before. This year they’ve decided to have a boys team fight against a girls team, they’ve taken some of the contestants and put them on a special castaway island, and each team has appointed a chief, who has immunity and can’t be voted off the island. It’s all mighty exciting and whatever happens on the show is sure to make tabloid headlines every week.

The reason I’m mentioning this is that the big story after Monday night’s episode is that TV3 had apparently told one of the contestants that his team mates had lost a contest on purpose, so they could vote him off the island, and if he didn’t challenge the chief to a duel (that’s the only way the chief can be kicked off the island) then he was dead meat. According to the paper he’d refused to do that and therefore the tribal council meeting was changed, so instead of having the contestants vote for the person they wanted to leave the island, they now had to vote for a person they thought should stay. That meant that the person with the least votes would get kicked off the island and because the members of the little conspiracy got confused they forgot to vote for one of their own saving the aforementioned contestant.

The contestant in question is the notorious Biker-Jens, who appeared in the first instalment of the show and has since then hosted several TV-shows including some for TV3. And there’s the rub. TV3 are now being accused of giving him an unfair advantage, because he used to be on their payroll. Obviously, their stand point is that when alliances are formed they have the right to shake things up a bit by changing the rules. However, in the articles I’ve seen they don’t mention whether or not they actually warned Biker-Jens before the tribal council meeting, but if they were going to change the voting process anyway I don’t see why it would be necessary to warn him.

I thought it was fairly entertaining to see the contestants, who thought they’d been really slick by losing on purpose, get screwed over at the tribal council meeting. But the weirdest thing was how the host, Thomas Mygind, behaved. He acted like a school teacher who’d just found out the entire class had cheated on an exam. He was very disappointed and tried to get them to admit that they’d lost on purpose and when they lied him straight in the face he looked really miffed.

From a production perspective I thought changing the rules was pretty brilliant. In order to make the show work you need people who hate each other to compete side by side for as long as possible, because if they’re all good friends all the time and each goodbye is teary and sweet, the show gets boring in no time. Or should I say even more boring, because the concept is growing really thin. I saw the last half of the first season, the entire second season, and parts of the third season, but totally ignored the show last year. You’d think the show would gain momentum now since it’s packed with old favourites, but seeing as they’ve mainly chosen the most annoying and bullheaded people to reappear on the show I’m usually more annoyed than entertained by the show. But if I’m in Monday nights I’ll have it on while doing something else and see the most interesting bits. And I’ll probably keep watching just to see some of the people I can’t stand get voted off, because they take this shit so seriously that it’ll be sweet to at least see some of them lose this thing.

- John Fogde 11:36 PM [+]

Monday, September 16, 2002
Everyday I Write The Book:
I’m not really a big book guy. I’m a big music guy and a big television guy. And I used to be a big movie guy mainly because I reviewed movies for a few years, but I just don’t seem to get around to reading more than a handful books a year. The reason I mention this is that I finally finished Tom Wolfe’s excellent A Man in Full, which has been sitting on the table next to my bed for almost a year. In my defense I’d like to add that it’s 787 pages long written in a very complex style (well, maybe not complex, but very repetitive style then) and I’ve read two or three other books besides this one in that time span. So it’s not that I’m dim or anything. I just don’t get around to reading in a book every day and therefore I don’t seem to be able to plough through stacks of book every year. You’d think with my fondness for drinking coffee while lying on my couch that I could get plenty of reading done, but for some reason I always end up watching television instead. But I have a couple of books on the shelf that I want to read, so as soon as I get through the two issues of Rolling Stone I haven’t read yet I’ll start in on Toby Litt’s Corpsing. I thought Beatniks was pretty funny and I’m told Corpsing is even better. Although I don’t read enough I’m great at buying books, so I have several books that I haven’t even opened yet, which is a bit like having homework lying around you haven’t started working on (you know, guilt wise). But it’s great when you have to take a train somewhere and you can just pull something out of the shelf and not have to buy some Grisham crap at the station.

To continue the ongoing saga, that is the decoration of my apartment, I'll just mention that I finally got the plastic poster things that I needed, so now I’ve decorated my kitchen with an I Shot Andy Warhol poster and my bedroom with a Warhol Playboy poster and a poster of Andy and Edie standing on a stepladder in front of the Empire State Building (can you sense a theme here?). I also hung a couple of photos over my desk taken by my friend Joey and a Magritte postcard underneath the Lichtenstein one, which was already hanging on one of the walls. But even with all the pictures and posters I still think the walls are way too bare and white, but I’m not really sure what to do about it.

The weirdest thing I’ve seen today is an article in The Post claiming that Triumph the Insult Comic Dog has recorded an album called Songs in the Key of Poop. I’m sure it’ll be an excellent record… for me to poop on!

- John Fogde 11:26 PM [+]

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