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Saturday, October 05, 2002
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?
I’ve been a huge fan of '80s music since... well the 80s really and this goes especially for the British bands, who topped the charts, when I started listening to music around ’83 – ’84. So when Boy George’s gloriously titled book Take It Like a Man several years ago became available in paperback I rushed to pick it up. I’ve never been a huge Culture Club fan, but I’ve always thought Boy was a remarkable and fascinating person. His entire persona was out of this world in the '80s (and maybe even today) and the sexual ambiguity and outrageousness of his behaviour was just awe-inspiring. And the book was no disappointment. Not only is it as open and honest as it is bitchy and funny. It’s also a fascinating look into the world of '80s pop.
So when Q Magazine last year invited Boy George to take part in their Cash for Questions article I had to write in to clear something up. Boy’s friend Marilyn is mentioned a lot in the book, but there was a passage towards the end, which had intrigued me since I’d read the book. So here’s my question and the answer I got:

So Boy George does not confirm nor deny that Gavin at the age of 16 had a torrid affair with Marilyn. I thought it was fun just to get any kind of an answer, so I didn’t think much of it. Until now that it. For as it turns out Gavin married long-time girlfriend Gwen Stefani last month and to celebrate that the good people over at Popbitch dug out this beauty of a picture:

My guess is it won’t be long till we hear Gwen scream out: “Gaaaavin, you got some ‘splainin’ to do!”

- John Fogde 3:52 PM [+]

Wednesday, October 02, 2002
Money Makes The World Go Around:
You know how sometimes there's something that you want to talk or write about, but you're now really sure how to go about it. Then you think about a clever way of putting it instead of just ranting away, but then the more you think about it the more it just depresses you? Well, at the bloggers get together a month ago we talked about people, who had Paypal links on their sites and I complained that I couldn't understand why people would expect others to pay them to blog. I've actually visited blogs, where the writer has complained, because people didn't donate enough. The mere fact that anyone has even given a dollar surprises me, so I find demands for more money incredible. And later when the site appeared I just dismissed it and thought it was naive of her to think that anyone would want to help her pay off her debts. So this kind of begging online has been a pet peeve of mine (although I hate that expression) for a while, but now it has turned into full on pissed-off-ness. Turns out this Karyn person has a really well paid job, but has blown all her money on Gucci bags and Louis Vuitton outfits. And instead of just putting away money to pay off her debts she created a site and begged for it. I'm not the type of person who is easily offended, but something about this truly annoys me. Maybe it's because I'm totally broke and don't make nearly as much money as her. I have more debts than her and I don't spend what little money I have on designer bags.

Obviously, everyone is entitled to spend their money which ever way they want to, but why you would what to send money to some idiot, who got herself in debt by buying clothes is beyond me. If you want to give money away there are literaly a million charities that are more worthy than ridding this airhead of her debts. The reason I finally had to vent about this is that according to a Salon article I found today this Karyn person has now been offered both a book deal and a movie contract. I don't even have the words to describe how stupid this is. So now she'll write a book about squandering money and begging online and then turn it into a movie? What's up with that?

I don't have any real points with this other than I find it incrediblely presumptuous that people think that others will give them money just because they have a website and incredibly strange that so many seem to want to donate. Maybe it's sour grapes or something I don't know. Either way I've been annoyed by this for a while and for some reason felt like getting it off my chest.

- John Fogde 10:25 PM [+]

Tuesday, October 01, 2002
Raw Like Sushi:
I had my presentation with the Aibo today and it went pretty smoothly. It’s a good day at work, when you get paid to play with a robot and eat sushi, so anytime they ask me back I’m right there. I also got to talk to some interesting people and eat muffins, so even though I also had to help arrange food and do other stuff it was a fun day. That along with the fact that the Ravens to everyone’s surprised beat the Broncos Monday night has meant that my mood has been up all day.

And when you’re in a good mood you do things you normally wouldn’t have done, so today I decided to get tickets to see Doves in Copenhagen. That means I’m going to Copenhagen twice in November, which I can’t afford at all, but I’m just refusing to think about that right now. While in Copenhagen the first time I’ll check out Doves and also Hawksley Workman.
Now, I don’t know Hawksley Workman from a pile of bricks, but his name has popped up numerous times on the Douglas Coupland mailing list I’m on (maybe because they’re both Canadians), so since he’s playing the day after Doves I feel almost obligated to check him out. I’ll probably check some of his stuff out before the show, but even if I don’t get around to it I’ll most likely go to the show.

I watched the Ryder Cup this weekend and was very excited when the European team won. Obviously, I was rooting for Thomas Bjørn, who played really well in his first and fourth match. But my favourite games were the ones with Sergio Garcia and Lee Westwood. It’s just more exciting when you see two players on a team together; because when they do something cool they get excited for each other and can congratulate each other. And Sergio gets excited like no other player I’ve ever seen. He jumps around and screams and shouts whenever they win a hole, which just makes the contest a lot more interesting. I don’t watch a lot of golf usually, but this year I’ve watched the British Open and the Ryder Cup. I think the season is just about finished, but I’ll probably watch a couple of the big tournaments next year as well. I’d love to play myself sometime, but I’ll probably have to wait until I get a really well paid job, so I can afford the clubs and the plaid pants.

The pictures I’ve posted today are just random shots I took around town this Saturday. I had a camera for a couple of days, but since I didn’t get the thing to recharge it I only got to take a handful pictures. I’d love to have a digital camera. I can get over the fact that you can take pictures and make sure that they’re good on the little display on the back. And you don’t have to develop them to see them. I know people have done this for years, but I still think it’s pretty amazing.

Sarah has written some incredible entries lately, but this one is my favourite. Check out this peek into the female psyche:

If a girl ever asks your last name it is so she can match it to her first name. If she repeats it more than once she is practicing her new signature in her mind, not pontificating the beauty of your surname. After all, think about what your last name is. Why would someone repeat that over and over unless she was considering the way it would look on a statement for a joint bank account? A girl who is really interested in you will figure out a way to learn your last name (and the correct spelling) without asking for it. Trust me.

This might be true, but I wouldn’t mind being asked for the spelling of my last name once in a while if you know what I’m saying.

- John Fogde 11:40 PM [+]

Sunday, September 29, 2002
We Are The Robots:
I went downtown to buy a track jacket today, but instead of the funky, old-school white and black Puma jacket I originally wanted I went with a cool red and black Fred Perry jacket. I haven't bought clothes in ages, so this month I decided it was time to pick something up. After shopping I went to a new bar/restaurant called Watch, which has been advertising with a special Ryder Cup event. They had the tournament on on screens everywhere and some of them had a different camera angles than the signal sent out to the viewers at home, so we would watch that during commercials. It was pretty cool and people actually cheered, when the players were putting, so there was a real atmosphere going on down there.

But besides that I've been working with my robot dog today. I've taught it my name and gotten it to respond to a couple of commands. I can make it walk in different directions and make it make certain noises. There's still some stuff I haven't figured out, but I'll work with it again tomorrow before the players head out for the final round. Besides the dog I've also borrowed a camera, so I've taken some pictures around town today which I might put up eventually.

As previously mentioned Jon Stewart has gone global and he's on my television right now making fun of Bush, so I gots to go.

- John Fogde 12:13 AM [+]

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