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Friday, October 18, 2002
I Want Candy:
I’ve seen some fun talk show appearances these last couple of days. My favourite was David Sedaris’ appearance on Letterman where he talked about his weird friends and managed to crack Dave up several times. It seems like Letterman really likes both David and Amy Sedaris a lot, which makes the interviews a lot more interesting as he seems willing to just let them do whatever they want. David Sedaris even got to do a reading from an article called Buddy, Can You Spare a Tie? about how hard it is for men to accessorize. He read the part called Lesson Four: With a pal like this, you don't need an enemy about an interesting product called the Stadium Pal. It was very funny and the fact that the product actually exists just makes it funnier.

Jerry Seinfeld was on Jay Leno last night plugging both his movie Comedian and his latest book Halloween. The book is based on a bit he did on his show I'm Telling You for the Last Time about being a kid and learning about Halloween. “What is this? Who’s giving out candy? Someone’s giving out candy? Who is giving out this candy? Everyone that we know is just giving out candy!?! I gotta be a part of this!” He explains that as a kid you only have one goal in life, which is to get candy. Getcandygetcandygetcandygetcandygetcandygetcandy! That’s all you think about. So the concept of Halloween is just mind boggling and you’ll dress up as whatever to get people to give you candy (ghost, hobo, stuff like that). And this is where the bit gets really funny. Because if you know anything about Seinfeld you’ll know that he’s a huge Superman fan. So obviously one Halloween he dresses up as Superman. He gets a costume from the store with a mask and he’s expecting to look exactly like Superman. But he ends up looking like he’s wearing Superman’s pyjamas and things don’t get better when his Mum makes him wear his winter coat over the costume. So they turned this story into a children’s book and filled it with illustrations of Jerry as a kid trick-or-treating dressed as Superman and it looked pretty cool. I couldn’t find any of the illustrations online, but Leno showed off a couple of them and they looked very funny.
I remember a few years ago a friend and I were talking about Seinfeld and some people mentioned they didn’t know his material that well, so we went into retelling this whole bit for them. I know it’s unbelievably nerd-like, but we just thought the getcandygetcandygetcandy part was hysterical.

And speaking of superheroes and humour I just though I’d like to mention an animated short which combines the Marvel universe with the Clerks universe. It’s called Heroes and is very funny.

- John Fogde 1:13 PM [+]

Tuesday, October 15, 2002
Could’ve Been A Genius If You’d Had An Axe To Grind:
I saw an old episode of The Stand Up Show on BBC Prime the other day and on the show was Irish comedian Ed Byrne. I've seen him on Conan as well, but here he got to do about fifteen minutes worth of material, which was cool. My favourite bit was about how when he was at college he would hang out in the college bar. And every time the DJ played Sit Down by James people would sit down on the floor. That made him wonder what it would be like if people always did what the songs said and how great it would be if someone wrote a song called Shag the Arse of the Irish Fellow. But how it would be a downer if your name was Eileen… “Dear Mr Dexy. Please find enclosed my dry cleaning bill”. I think there has been made two seasons of The Stand Up Show, but they show them at the oddest times, so it’s hard to catch them all. But I'll keep looking, because they're usually quite good and Jon Stewart is in one of them.

As long as we’re talking about British television I thought I’d mention that a part of the ITV show Blind Date has been shot here in Aarhus. For some reason contestants Michael Ewins and Sophia Stylianou had chosen our lovely city as the setting for the date meaning that a camera crew has been following them around the city last week. So if you’ve always wanted a glimpse of what this two-horse-town looks like and you get ITV here’s your chance.

I picked up two CDs my buddy Jan had picked up for me in NYC and I’ve been listening to them all weekend. I had to drive my drive my parents to the station around 6am Saturday morning and the first time I listened to the OK Go CD was on the way home. I cranked it up and just like the Mum driving around bonding with her son in that TV movie I felt like taking the long way home, so I could hear the rest of the song (in the movie it is, unironically, Take the Long Way Home by Supertramp they’re listening to). OK Go has to be the party CD of the year. It’s like The Rentals and That Dog mixed with the fun of The Wannadies and if that ain’t the shit I don’t know what is.
I’ve also been listening to The Shins’ Oh, Inverted World (mainly because Greg seems to think they’re awesome) and I tend to agree. The album starts out with a Sunny Day Real Estate sounding song, but quickly goes into more jangly 60s sounding stuff, which is fine by me. So although I hadn’t really heard anything by the two bands before both CDs turned out to be great investments. I’ve also borrowed the new Supergrass album, but I’ve only listened to it once so far (not a good sign). I’ve been trying to get into Hawksley Workman today as well and some of the stuff is pretty good. The thing is when you just download a bunch of stuff you usually end up with a couple of tracks from each album and probably also some b-sides and weird stuff as well. So until I hear an entire album I don’t really want to form an opinion about him. But I’m still planning on going to see him perform.

Once in a while I read Dave Barry’s articles over there at The Miami Herald and they’re usually pretty funny. And this one is one of the better ones.
Remember I mentioned the new René Dif single (which I’m sure by now is tearing up the radio waves where you live)? And I posted some pictures from around the city? Well, as it turns out the subtle picture of the woman’s tattooed ass is a promotion poster for the Dif single. See how it all comes together after a while?

- John Fogde 4:46 PM [+]

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